Plans built for Builders

We give a custom quote to each builder because each one is so different, but these are some of our most popular plans. We'll hop on a call to determine exactly what you need.
Essentials for builders


- Builder Bookeep App
- Weekly Bookkeeping
- Monthly WIP Report
- Annual 1099s
Every builder is different

Add Ons

Potential add-ons:
- Payroll management
- Invoices / Pay Apps
- Advisory / KPIs

Frequently Asked Questions

See some answers to common questions below. We can't wait to get on a call with you and answer the rest too!

Our plans are custom for each builder because each builder/remodeler is different. You may sub everything out or perform everything in house. You may do 3 projects a year or 30. We'll ask you those kinds of things in our Discovery Call. 

Yes of course! Each builder gets a custom plan, and we have builders that upgrade to Core Plus or choose more Add-Ons after a couple of months of working with us.  

There are 3 main things that we'll ask of you: 

1. Use our app for receipt tracking, uncategorized expenses, and bill approvals. 

2. Use QuickBooks Online for your accounting software 

3. No commingling of personal expenses 

Yes! Support is included in all plans, which means you can ask us anything, and we'll give it our best shot. Whether it's accounting, software, or general business advice, ask away. We usually respond same business day and guarantee a response by the next business day. 

Unbridled Homes

Ryan Band

This is the first time I’ve ever felt fully confident in our bookkeeping, and that’s a huge relief. Thanks for everything you’re doing for us!

Entablature LLC

Chris Kornman

After buying out my business partner, who handled all of Entablature’s bookkeeping and accounts payable work, I needed a trustworthy person to take over a big chunk of work.  Miller not only stepped in seamlessly, but he drastically improved a number of processes.  Miller is easy to work with, highly organized and fast.  He has been a huge asset to Entablature and I can not recommend him enough

Sustainable Construction

Amy Turner

Miller has really helped streamline our company by switching us to QB online, managing our books, and providing us with monthly reports and recommendations. He has really eased our accounting and bookkeeping load.

Sales and Support

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