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We created an app for builders because we saw a small gap in what already existed and because we wanted to completely remove the friction in outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting. The app is so simple and easy to use, and that's the beauty of it. Simply upload a receipt at the time of purchase, choose the job, choose the cost code, and throw the receipt away. For Bill Approval, all bills from subs and vendors will be put in the app for approval by my team every day. While you're sitting on the jobsite, quickly approve bills from your phone. Or, you can wait till you get home and approve bills on desktop. Once bills are approved, we'll enter them in Buildertrend or just push them straight to QuickBooks. You'll also always see Missing Receipts or Uncategorized Expenses in the app and be able to quickly resolve them with a couple of clicks whether you still have the receipt or not. We just want to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, especially for job costs. All bills and expenses will be saved in the app for quick and easy reference in the future. Search for something by job, by vendor, by date, etc. It's 10x faster than searching through Buildertrend or QuickBooks for something. 

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