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Online Bill Pay for Builders

You're too busy to be paying your own bills. Let us handle it for you and make sure payments are always properly matched to bills in QuickBooks. We use online bill pay software to pay subs and vendors by ACH. We also pay as much as possible with your credit card to maximize cash flow (and travel points!). Your subs will love you for doing ACH/Direct Deposit and you'll love not having to hand checks to subs at the office every Friday. You could be at the beach and still keep your subs paid every single week. And we'll help you make the easy, smooth transition from paper checks to digital payments. It's not hard at all. Bills will be approved in the Builder Bookkeep app before payments, and payments can also be approved before coming out of the bank so you can make sure the money is covered. It's as customizable and safe as you want it to be. We can also help you implement Profit First and make the sweeps for you and can even pay your credit card statements for you as well. Schedule a meeting with Miller to talk through any questions or concerns you may have around this. 

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