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Miller got his start in the construction world in 2020 working for his brother in Birmingham, Alabama as the Controller of the company. After a while, he realized how much he could help other small businesses with things like bookkeeping, online bill pay, WIP reporting, and financial systems and operations. In 2022, he started Up Accounting Inc. because he thought he wanted to serve all small businesses as a fractional CFO/Controller. Miller discovered there's plenty of work to be had, but he also discovered that builders are his ideal clients. Not only was that where he got started, but builders have unique accounting needs that we think we're perfectly suited for. 

In 2023, the Builder Bookkeep app was developed specifically for builders to more easily handle job costing, overhead expenses, bill approval, and uncategorized expenses all in one app. When we first started in the business, we had to use 3+ apps to handle these tasks. Miller thought there had to be a better way, so he set out on creating his own tool. It's been a huge hit, so we're expanding the business and going all in on builders. The app was created to fill some gaps that Miller saw in the existing apps builders use (like Buildertrend). We aren't trying to replace Buildertrend, but if you don't like or don't use Buildertrend, our app will be a great tool for your job costing needs. However, if you love Buildertrend (we do too), the Builder Bookkeep app will just be the perfect compliment to handle receipt capture and bill approval in a much easier way than Buildertrend is set up to do. 

With years of experience in working with builders, we know the unique challenges that you face. We know what it's like dealing with your subs and vendors. We've been in your shoes when it comes to paying your subs every Friday, subs asking for a check same day, gathering receipts from all the Project Managers, or dealing with angry customers whose 15% over budget on their project. We know what all you have to go through, and that's why we're here to help. Those difficult subs and customers won't go away, but we're here to at least take the financial stress out of your life so that you have more bandwidth to handle all the other stuff. 

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Miller Bradford

Builder Bookkeep was started by Miller and Sarah Bradford under the parent company Up Accounting Inc. We have 2 young boys, Brock and Baine, and live in Birmingham, AL and are active members of Church of the Highlands. Miller got his start in his brother's building company and quickly realized that builders are busy and could use some help. 

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